Authentic Japanese dining experience

Authentic Japanese dining experience The Japanese will begin with the phrase, itadakimasu (literally, “I humbly receive”) before they enjoy their meal.
ls1  It is said to express gratitude for all who played a role in preparing, cultivating, ranching or hunting the food. After eating, the Japanese will express their appreciation for their meal by saying ‘gochiso sama deshita’ that literally means ‘it was quite a feast’. Want to know further about the Japanese culture? Now you can know the aesthetics of Japanese culture by having the Japanese cuisine. Indeed, it is the quickest way to integrate into the Japanese culture. Hence, let’s savor a good authentic Japanese dining experience that certainly beams out perfection and passion at Nabe Ya Tora Tatsu today. In addition, you are able to enjoy 48% OFF when you purchase the voucher at Living Social click here:

Taste the Food World Tour

Living Social:
“One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

Eating and cooking one’s way through a country is one of the best ways to understand and enjoy a culture. Try this international Food Festival that offers food from Germany, Italy, China, India and many more today. It will make you explore the country without having to spend extra on fight ticket and accommodations.

Living Social proudly presents ‘Taste the World Food Tour’ campaign. You are able to taste any good food from any countries that you feel like tasting. From Japanese cuisine to western cuisine, Korea BBQ to Thai buffet, get em’ all in Living Social. Click here to find out more about the campaign :

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Chatime 日出茶太 @ QBM


LG-40, Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas.



    日出茶太料連鎖集團终于来到槟城。个人总觉得品尝奶茶只是个潮流。熱潮能维系多久,就要看他的造化了。最多是二年,二年过后还是快快把連鎖经营卖掉吧。人总是贪新忘旧。 優格乳風潮剛剛掀起,现在又来股奶茶潮。这几年只有星巴克咖啡潮维持最久,还是美国风比较强。

Chatime @ QBM


Pearl Milk Tea

Perilla Plum Green Tea


Tutti Frutti @ Queensbay Outlet



    Before Tutti Frutti landed at Penang. J.CO Yogurt always is my favorites. I will having it at least once a month. Unfortunately Tutti Frutti have become my favorite Frozen Yogurt (Froyo) now. At least Tutti Frutti having variety of favors, which included Strawberry Field, Tutti Frutti, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit,TF Original, Blue Berrilicious, Death By Chocolate and Vanilla. So far my favorites are Blue Berrilicious and Chocolate, this two favors is recommended and worth to try.
    There are some healths benefits for frozen yogurt. Which Included:

    1. Strengthens the immune system
    2. Prevents constipation, diarrhoea and bloating
    3. Prevents colon cancer
    4. Lowers blood pressure
    5. Lowers cholesterol levels
    6. Reduces inflammation
    7. Improves mineral absorption
    8. Prevents harmful bacteria
    9. romotes health bacteria and enzymes that are good for the body
    Since having yogurt will having so many healths benefits. Just bring along your family and enjoyed it.

Tutti Frutti QBM

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Berlin’s Bier Houz @ Straits Quay Penang

    Berlin’s Bier Houz @ Straits Quay Penang


    When you mention about German Cuisine, you will think of Pork/Sausage. Pork being the most popular meat in German among beef and poultry. Beer is a significant of German as well.
    At Penang, there are few German Restaurants, which included: Ingolf Kneipe German Restaurant and Bar , Weissbrau German Bistro & Bar Straits Quay and Berlin’s Bier Houz Straits Quay.
    If you wish to visits Berlin’s Bier Houz on weekends or Friday night, I will rather suggest you call them and make a booking. The restaurant normally will crowded with diners during Friday night and weekends.

Berlin’s Bier Houz @ Straits Quay

Berlin’s Bier Houz @ Straits Quay

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    老良记烧腊鸭饭餐室 @ Kampung Baru



    住在大山脚和北海一带的,闻名的有鲁乃陈记烧鸭粥专卖店. 但是我比较喜欢的是鲁乃坤泰琵琶鸭饮食店。 还有这间店的自制板面也是不赖的。


    幸好我喜爱的Pekaka Happy Cafe 鸭饭,还是那么好吃。


    超有感觉的口感。其实我只品尝过这里的叉焼二次,每次去都卖完了。 吃不吃得到就看缘份了。燒臘醬汁只是一般,没什么特别。

    怎样到达老良记烧腊鸭饭餐室 ? 我又忘了记录 GPS location。

    其实蛮间单的,就在点心城的对面, 靠近巴杀的方向。中午和晚上都有开档。星期六没开。



    但愿人长久 千里共婵娟。

Sushi King Promotion @ 1st Avenue Mall Penang

Sushi King Buy 1 free 1 Promotion @ 1st Avenue Mall Penang

    Limited to 5 plate per table/bill.

Buy 1 free 1 Promotion

Buy 1 free 1 Promotion

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Spice Garden International Buffet

Spice Garden International Buffet @ Rasa Sayang, Penang. 06 June 2010

Spice Garden buffet


    Myself and my gang plan to have Spice Garden International Buffet since last two year ago. Seem like every time we are a bit late or no luck at all. Every time also fully book during the promotion period. This time luckily we are able to book it. The Buy one Free One promotion only valid from 23 May – 30 June 2010. Is about RM 104 ++ adult, divide two which including tax is around RM 70 ++. I always get up to date food promotion from this website: foodpromotions . Don’t expect my blog will have latest food promotions information. I am running out of times, I just wrote blog for interest and sharing about foods. Nice or not nice about the food, is a very subjective topics. I will rather claim that my taste is standard enough.
    Sashimi is our favorite, Shahimi here is quite fresh. Compare to Tau Cuisine, I will prefer this one.

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