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Sky Hotel Char Siew Siu Baak Rice 青天烧腊

Sky Hotel 青天烧腊 @ Chulia Street, Penang. 29 May 2010




142 Xia Bui Economic Rice – Near Komta

142 Xia Bui Economic Rice @ Near Komta. 04 September 2008

142 economic rice

142 Xia Bui Economic Rice

shop front view

142 – front view

    I want to try this economic rice since begin of year. Every times pass by also see crowded.
    After reading some introduction by Guang Ming Daily. I plan to try this economic stall. I took the “pig blood curry” – which claim by them is their famous dish, spicy lady finger and curry prawn. It cost me RM 4.60. I feel a bit expensive.
    This stalls is more choices if compare to others economic stall.
    1) curry pig blood – the taste is like curry mee soup only.
    2) spicy lady finger – just normal
    3) curry prawn – the most tasty and nice

    Next time I want to try their curry chicken, which claim by them is their another famous dish. If I not mistaken.

Duck Rice – Pekaka Happy Cafe

    Duck Rice @ Pekaka Happy Cafe. 04 September 2008
perkaka happy cafe duck rice

my favorite drumstick

RM 5.30

RM 5.30

    My favorite duck rice located at pekaka. Just opposite tesco extra. If your face is in front of the shop. Please make sure you order the left hand side stall. I like to order the drumstick with “burn meat”. Quite some time not go there, last time only RM 4.90. Now is RM 5.30. Everything also increase just salary not increase.

Hor Fun

Hor Fun @ Farlim Pasar Malam. 03 September 2008

hor fun

hor fun – around 20 person is waiting


hor fun

hor fun

    My most favorite hor fun at Pasar Malam. It is cheap and nice. Small one only RM 1.5 and big one only RM 1.80. Even the aunty look “LCLY”, to eat nice food I got no choice :P. I can guarantee you those expensive char hor fun also not nice as this one. I been waiting for around 10 mins, too many people is waiting and the stall open quite late.(8 pm +)

Uncle Bob Fried Chicken

    Uncle Bob Fried Chicken @ Farlim Pasar Malam. 03 September 2008
uncle bob chicken

uncle bob fried chicken – next time I want to try the sausage

uncle bob fried chicken

uncle bob fried chicken

uncle bob chicken

uncle bob chicken

    Reach home early today and go to Pasar Malam take away. One of my favorite fried chicken – Uncle Bob(Taiwan Style). It cost me RM 4.5. I just ordered the little bit spicy one. Yummy Yummy. Feel like sore throat a bit while writing this post. OMG.
    Uncle bob fried chicken’s tag lines:
    1. remove skin
    2. remove fats
    3. making breast tastes like drumstick 

    But honestly I feel it is too oily.


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